The story of Darling Pickle Dips goes all the way back to 9th grade, when we first met. 

We didn’t know it then, but we would become best friends over the next several years. Since then we have spent countless hours  laughing, cooking and hosting each others families in our homes. When life got busier and there wasn’t time for sit-down meals, we resorted to our other favorite pastime: SNACKING. From there it was a matter of who was bringing the salty snacks and who was bringing the dip(s). We were so eager to share our pickle dips with the local community, that we made it official by starting Darling Foods in 2017. 

How did we come up with the name? The word “Darling” had several meanings to us. First, it was a feminine nod to the fact that our business is women-owned and operated. Second, our grandiose idea for these dips is that they would always be the darling of every gathering, party or tablescape they were a part of. Lastly, we think of our happy customers as darlings too!

We hope our products find their way to your table to be enjoyed with family and friends in celebration of the everyday. 

- Britt & Sara, Founders, Darling Foods